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Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Organization | 0 comments

Morning Rituals

There’s something to be said for morning rituals!

Since my layoff in the Summer of 2015, I have constantly worked on my morning routine. I went from new mom, back to work for 4 months and then the layoff to stay at home mom. It has been a rocky transition for myself and my son. It took a while to get it all figured out. Thank God for the moms that have come before me and left breadcrumbs to follow.

While I was pregnant I read a great book called the Morning Ritual, by Hal Elrod and it really helped me set my priorities for getting things done. Whenever I get off track, I go back to this book for a refresher. But eh babies are unpredictable so I do my best. Most days, I can follow this but…

As of now here is my adapted routine:

6:00 am – Wake up review bullet journal and set 2 must do tasks

6:30 am – Exercise and meditate

7:00 am – Start breakfast and wake the baby

7:30 am – 9:30 am prepping for the day and playing, singing and lots of “No, that’s for mommy”!

9:30 am – Put baby down for morning nap and jump on computer

Here is the book here:

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